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Masashi Miyake
US$ 10,000

Product / Service

Product / Service Name Pick up cartridges for vinyl records listening
Overview Especially for high end audiophiles and music lovers.
There are 2 types (each fitting for vintage records or contemporary records) and 3 variations (Stereo, Monaural, and SP (78rpm)). These products are enabling to pick up the minutest details from vinyl records. And they are enabling to sound lesser scratch-noises than other types.
Price Available for disclosure to potential customers.
Patent Available for disclosure to potential customers.
Already patented technologies are the two, "Direct Power Generation System" and "Magnetic Repulsive Force System". Products are composed of them.
Strength All products are composed of the patented technologies produced by Vinyl Audio Laboratory.
"Patented technologies are composed of "Direct Power Generation System" and "Magnetic Repulsive Force System". Vinly Audio Laboratory named them "Magne-Focus" system.
"Magne-Focus", is our coined word, means focusing magnetic force to a point and produce "in focus sound".






Overseas Sales

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Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

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We Vinyl Audio Laboratory are expecting shops, agents, distributers and importers to sell our products in their areas.
They don't mean any deputy surrogates on behalf of Vinyl audio laboratory. We expect them to conduct business on their own responsibility and decision.

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