Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This website asks for your consent when using cookies.
Note that you can withdraw your consent at any time.

We recommend referencing the "Privacy Policy Regarding the Personal Data of Users Residing in the European Economic Area and the United Kingdom" as well as this policy.

What Are Cookies?

  • Cookies are text files saved to your device (your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) for the purpose of gathering internet logs and information on user behavior. By accessing this website, we may collect information automatically using cookies or similar technologies.
  • First-party cookies are created by the website you are accessing, and can only be viewed by that site. Websites may also use external services that generate their own cookies, which are known as third-party cookies.

Persistent cookies are saved on your device, and unlike session cookies that are deleted after closing your browser window, are never automatically deleted.

Why We Use Cookies

  • When you access this website, we use cookies to collect data about your visit, browsing, and other activity on the website. This in turn can improve your experience, such as by allowing you to navigate between web pages more efficiently.
  • Cookies in and of themselves will not harm your device.
  • By using cookies, we are able to measure the number of times certain content is accessed, the number of times certain ads are displayed, as well as the number of clicks users make, which allows us to provide information that is relevant to each user.
  • Using cookies does not allow us to identify a user's name, email address, or information about their device.
  • Additionally, we may use third-party cookies to understand how each web page is accessed.

You can reject cookies by adjusting your browser settings.
You will not experience any major issues when accessing this website if you reject cookies.

The Tools We Use, the Data We Obtain & Their Purpose

This website uses the following tools to obtain the following data for the purposes explained below.

  1. Social media
    Some social media services may automatically receive information, including user IDs and data about the websites users access, from social media buttons embedded on websites, even if users do not press these buttons.
    Click the links below for more details.
    Purpose To provide business information
  2. Embedded YouTube videos
    When users access websites that contain embedded YouTube video content, Google automatically receives the URL of the page accessed and the IP address of the user from the user's web browser.
    Click the link below for more details.
    Purpose of use To provide business information
  3. Google Analytics
    Tool provider Google Inc.
    Data obtained User website activity (access, traffic, routing, etc.)
    Purpose of use To improve the user experience and to improve the website
    • Note: We may show notices (ads) to past visitors of this website upon accessing certain pages.

    Google, Inc. also obtains and uses the above user website activity information.
    Click the link below for more details.

    Below is the privacy policy of Google, Inc.

    You can get information about Google Analytics from the link below.

The Types of Cookies This Website Uses

This website uses the following cookies.

Information Obtained by this Website's Analytical Tools

The cookies used by our analytical tools allow the website to track the following information about you. This information is used to generate aggregate statistical reports of visitor activity which do not contain personal data.

  • Your IP address (masked)
  • Your location: Country, region, city, and your approximate location in terms of longitude and latitude (geolocation)
  • The date of request (when you accessed the site)
  • The title of the page displayed (page title)
  • The URL of the page displayed (page URL)
  • The URL of the page that was displayed before the current page being accessed (HTTP referer)
  • The display resolution of your device
  • The current time in your time zone
  • Files downloaded via clicks (downloads)
  • Links to external domains clicked (outlinks)
  • Page load time (the time it takes for the web server to load a web page, then for you to download it – page speed)
  • The main language of the browser you are using (Accept-Language header)
  • Your browser version, browser plugins (PDF, Flash, Java, etc.), OS version, and device identifier (User-Agent header)
  • The language of the page you visited
  • Campaigns
  • Site queries
  • Events

Use of Cookies in Advertising

This website may use the advertising services (display advertising, remarketing, retargeting functions) of Google or other advertising delivery providers to show past visitors of this website notices (ads) upon accessing certain pages. In such cases, we use cookies to obtain user browsing history for this website.
If you do not wish to receive these notices (ads), we ask that you delete the cookies stored on your device then disable cookies.
If you change your browser, clear your cookies, or switch to a new device, you will need to re-configure your settings to block these notices (ads) again.

How to Block or Delete Cookies

Most web browsers can completely disable cookies. You can also delete the cookies generated by a particular website. Refer to your browser's help page linked below for more information on how to do this.

If you are using a web browser other than those linked above, you can navigate to your browser's official website for this information.
Warning: Be aware that you may not be able to use certain or all functions of this site if you block this website's cookies.

Google Analytics uses its own (third-party) cookies. These cookies do not collect personally identifiable information. All information collected by these cookies is compiled into statistical data that does not identify any particular individual. This statistical data is used for the purpose of improving the user experience of this website.
Click the following link for more information about the cookies used by Google Analytics.

If you want to be excluded from the statistical data generated by Google Analytics, download the "Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on" from the link below and install it on your browser.

You can disable the use of cookies in ad distribution by clicking the links below to opt out.
However, you will need to opt out again if you change to another browser or delete your cookies.

Your Rights When Using This Website

Users of this website residing within the EEA or the United Kingdom not only have the right to withdraw their consent regarding the use of cookies, but are also afforded the following rights under the GDPR.

  • The right to obtain confirmation regarding whether or not the data collected from cookies is being processed and, if it is, the right to access said data (by exercising this right, you can receive a copy of your personal data)
  • The right to request the correction of inaccurate data collected from cookies
  • The right to request the erasure of data collected from cookies
  • The right to request that restrictions be placed on the processing of data collected from cookies
  • The right to object to the processing of data collected from cookies
  • The right to request data portability regarding the data collected from cookies
  • The right to file an appeal with a supervisory authority

This Cookie Policy is subject to change.