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Toshimitsu Fujisawa

Product / Service

Product / Service Name Simulation Software / Particleworks, Granualeworks
Overview Particleworks: Fluid analysis software for evaluating the behavior of liquids such as water and oil.
Granualeworks: Powder analysis software based on the discrete element method.
Price US $45,000 -
Patent Available for disclosure to potential customers
Strength Particleworks: High-speed Simulation, Mesh-free, Multiphysics solution, Intuitive User Interface.
Granualeworks: Simulating Diverse Phenomena, Intuitive User Interface.



  • The Award of Excellence Tokyo Venture Technology Award 2011
  • The Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science's 25th Technology Award
  • The "Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award" of the "Award for Academic Startups (Organized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency. Sponsered by MEXT)


New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) , 2011

Overseas Sales

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • USA

Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

  • Signed a reseller agreement for Particleworks with Functionbay, Inc. (South Korea).
  • Signed a reseller agreement for Particleworks with EnginSoft (Italy).​
  • Signed a reseller agreement with PERA Global (China).
  • Establishment of Particleworks Europe S.r.l.​(Italy) with EnginSoft.


Software End-users in various fields such as automotive, electronics, chemical, construction, food and beverage

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

Replacing physical experiments with simulations