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Product / Service:One Act, Inc.
Business overview
ONE ACT is a global startup specializing in software and AI technology development. Our main service, "PieceX", is the world's first AI-powered Source code marketplace. It gives everyone around the world access to enterprise-level source code, allowing them to quickly develop services. PieceX is creating a new economy in the world as an innovative web infrastructure.
Yusuke Asano

Product / Service

Product / Service Name PieceX
Overview PieceX is the source code marketplace. Buyer companies can purchase ready-to-use software components, eliminating the need to develop software from scratch, and reducing traditional software development time and costs by over 80%. Seller companies can generate new recurring revenue directly from the source code itself. PieceX already has transactions in 200 countries and regions.
Price From US$100 to US$150,000
Patent "Source Code Trading System" and "Source Code Trading System Using AI"
Strength We're a pioneer in the enterprise-level source code market and aim to dominate the market. Our strength is our unique AI technology. It is already equipped with many AI functions such as price control and quality control. And we have already obtained patents in Japan, and we're in the process of obtaining one in the US soon.



"Best Startup" at 4YFN, "AI Innovator Finalist" at Supernova, "Startup Of The Year" at The International Prime Awards Asia


JETRO Global Acceleration HUB ProgramĀ , X-HUB Tokyo OUTBOUND PROGRAM

Overseas Sales

in over 200 countries and regions around the world.

Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

Formed a business alliance with Hancom Group, a major Korean IT company.
Industry-academia collaboration with University of Ottawa Business School in Canada.


Our best partners are large IT vendors who can be both sellers and buyers. But, we also welcome system outsourcing development companies that specialize in supplying code, sales companies that specialize in selling code, and well-known companies and major companies (not just IT) that specialize in expanding awareness.

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

"Goal 9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation" PieceX" will become exactly that infrastructure.

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