Fuji Graphite Works Co., Ltd.

Product / Service:Fuji Graphite Works Co., Ltd.
Business overview
Fuji Graphite Works is a graphite manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. As the only graphite company in East Japan, we operate our own factory and analysis institute in Fukushima.
In 2021, we established a joint venture company in Thailand, where we focus on the development and production of expandable graphite.
Takeshi Sugawara

Product / Service

Product / Service Name
  • Expandable graphite
  • Raw material of brake and carbon brush
  • Raw material of Insulated Semiconductor
Overview Production (Drying, Crushing and Classifying) , Import and Export of Carbon/ Graphite (for Automotive Parts, Semiconductor, etc.) Products
Development and Job Research of Expandable Graphite (for Flame Retardant, Graphite Sheet etc)
Price Available for disclosure to potential customers
Patent -
  • We are able to provide stable product since we set QC standards more than twice compared to competitors.
  • We are also preparing to help customers avoid China Risk.
  • Insulation treated graphite is a product that has not yet been in the market and we can enter as the first company.





Program for Strengthening Overseas Supply Chains (JETRO)

Overseas Sales

  • China
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

Development with Oita University since 2018


  1. Distributor (Chemical or Materials Related)
  2. User (Automotive Parts, Construction Materials, Semiconductors)
  3. Carbon and Graphite Related Company

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

We have collaborated with a Japanese university that has a professor (an expert of carbon industry) and developed environmental friendly product of expandable graphite.

  • Product / Service:Fuji Graphite Works Co., Ltd.