Elephantech Inc.

Product / Service:Elephantech Inc.
Business overview
Elephantech has three technologies: Metal nanoparticle liquid ink, inkjet printing system, and high-speed copper plating. With these technologies, we achieved mass production of sustainable flexible circuits for the first time in human history. Our process remarkably reduces carbon footprint by 75%, copper consumption by 70%, and water consumption by 95%.
Shinya Shimizu

Product / Service

Product / Service Name P-Flex, Sustainable Additive manufacturing Flex Circuits
Overview The PCB industry has a sustainability problem in its traditional way of manufacturing using etching technology. It emits a lot of CO2 and uses tons of water for cleaning. Elephantech offers a completely different manufacturing technology using metal inkjet printing and electroless copper plating. Drastic reduction of CO2 emissions by 75% and water consumption by 95%.
Price The products is custom device so, available with required specification.
Patent Available for disclosure to potential customers
Strength Even though Elephantech provides sustainable Flex Circuits, we also bring profitability to customers by using less copper material and shorter production flow than the traditional way. And the product quality is equivalent to existing FPC. Unlike other additive manufacturing products, P-Flex can support reflow soldering for SMT components.



Logitech Future Positive Challenge Program Winner


R&D, Manufacturing Equipment purchasing and Market Intelligence.

Overseas Sales

APAC and EMEA. Working with US customer now.

Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

Working with investor company like EPSON, Mitsui Chemical, Sumitomo, Takahata, etc.


We aim to work with electronic device manufacturers who make consumer products. The company will be Laptom, Calculators, Appliance, IoT edge devices, BMS, Sensing products and Human Machine Interface block of product.

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

Our sustainable way of manufacturing Flex Circuits enables drastic reduction of CO2 emissions and water consumption.