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Ryuji Ikoma

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Product / Service Name Sake(SAKE HUNDRED)
Overview SAKE HUNDRED is a luxury sake brand with "To Fill Hearts and Color your Life" as its brand purpose.
  • BYAKKO BESPOKE: $380.00
  • AMAIRO: $270.00
  • SHIRIN: $435.00
  • GENGAI: $3,100.00
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Strength Our strength is the thoroughness of our luxury brand strategy and the absolute high quality of our products, which are the foundation of that strategy.
The sake market has not had a price range when compared to wine, but we are trying to boost the size of the sake industry by creating a luxury market in the market.
The luxury brand strategy is a strategy that values not only the absolute high quality of the product, but also the emotional value that appeals to the heart.
Specifically, we pursue luxury consistency in all customer contact points, including product packaging and communication.
All of SAKE HUNDRED's products have won many awards in competitions around the world, including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong.



  • IWC(England): TROPHY and so on
  • Kura Master(France): GOLD Winner and so on
  • U.S. National Sake Appraisal(USA): Gold Winner and so on
  • Oriental Sake Award(Hong Kong): Gold Winner



Overseas Sales

China, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE

Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

  • Domestic: Ritzcarlton Tokyo, The Peninsula Tokyo, Hotel Chinzanso, and so on
  • International: Lamborghini(Shanghai)


  1. High-end Japanese restaurant
  2. Luxury Hotel
  3. High-priced department stores
  4. Sake distributors that also sell high-priced alcohol

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

  1. Efforts to visualize CO2 emissions in the Life Cycle of Sake
  2. Switching to environmentally friendly packaging materials at SAKE HUNDRED
  3. Start of a series of articles on "Sake and Sustainability" in SAKETIMES