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Mitsuo Okada

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Product / Service Name Lemin CAPTCHA
Overview Lemin CAPTCHA (Puzzle CAPTCHA) offers simple yet powerful protection from brute-force login attacks, credential stuffing and other automated threats. Lemin is superior to traditional Captchas that can be troublesome to use.
Price Free under 5K/m puzzles shown. Over it, $1 per 1K puzzles shown.
Patent Available for disclosure to potential customers
Strength Lemin compared to other Captchas:
Less Average Completion Time: 5-10 sec VS 18 sec
Less Drop off Rate: 1% VS 13%
More Highly Customizable and Enhanced Analytics



  • Over 15 #1 Awards
  • #1 Prize Pitch to the President (Estonia)
  • MSV Selected (Tel Aviv)
  • Orange Lab Selected
  • Fintech FiBC
  • Best of Show Award, Interop
  • Best Award NTT Data Open Innovation Business Contest
  • TiE50 winner (SF Bay Area)
  • #1 Prize IVS Fall 2013
  • #1 Prize, BPC in Kyoto 2013
  • A rank, Kyoto City VBEC
  • #1 Prize SFNewTech 2012
  • #1 Prize NTT Open Lab
  • #1 Prize IEEE-CCNC2010
  • Microsoft Research Core 6



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  • South Korea
  • Turkey
  • USA

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