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Emi Kosugi

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Product / Service Name UNITEX USB LTO tape system
Overview A data storage system utilizing LTO magnetic tape media, most suitable for long-term storage of large amounts of data in terms of capacity, durability, safety, and cost. The USB-connected LTO system developed by UNITEX is the world's first with a high competitive advantage.
Price US$ 5,200 (LT80H USB LTO8 tape system)
Patent Available for disclosure to potential customers
Strength The world's only UNITEX USB LTO data storage system can be connected to laptop PCs and other USB devices to store data on LTO tapes. You can store 45TB data with 300MB/s high speed, anywhere, conveniently, and securely for a long period of time with small IT-invested.



Excellence Award at Tokyo Tama Region Blue/Green award "Technology/Product Category"


Subsidies for foreign patent applications from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Overseas Sales

Sales in 25 countries

Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

We have a surge of collaboration experiences both domestically and internationally


Aid in creating a presence of UNITEX Corporation and UNITEX USB LTO tape system

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

UNITEX USB LTO tape system reduces CO2 emissions by about 94%(*1) compared to ordinary disk system when archiving the same amount of data.
*1 Source: JEITA tape storage committee

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