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Tenchijin Inc.

Product / Service:Tenchijin Inc.
Yasuhito Sakuraba

Product / Service

Product / Service Name Tenchijin Compass

Tenchijin provides Land Evaluation Engine for two industries, Water management and renewable energy.

  1. Water leakage risk map: Visualizing the risk of water leakage for reducing water leakage and optimizing maintenance operation.
  2. Renewable energy spots: Finding the most suitable places world-wide to build solar power and wind farm with maximizing performances.
Price -
Patent Land Evaluation Engine (Registered in Japan)
Strength For water: As Tenchijin uses satellite data and AI, it can show water leak risks for large areas without visiting site, which reduces 50% of time for inspection.
For renewable energy, the site for wind farm and soler PV is limited, the solution can search the best area from the world for client to get ahead of competition and also support to make a consensus with stakeholders by providing multiple element for decision making.



  • Copernicus Master 2022: Japan Regional Award
  • Copernicus Master 2022: Baywa Award
  • S-booster: Jury Award, ANA Award, JAL Award



Overseas Sales

  • Tenchijin conducted projects in Germany, India, Burkina Faso.
  • Tenchijin provided analysis for Germany, France, Spain, USA, India, China, Uzbekistan, Chile and South Africa.

Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

  • Conducting project of water leak with Toyota city in Japan.
  • Conducting project of renewable energy with several companies in Japan.
  • Conducted a project with UNDP in Burkina Faso.


  1. Looking for parners to conduct PoC(Proof of concept)
  2. Looking for parners to provide the solutio together.

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

Accelerate renewable energy for reducing CO2 emission
Support to making stable water suppy

  • Product / Service:Tenchijin Inc.