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Taichiro Kanzaki

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Product / Service Name Ringless Sliding Notebook (SlideNote)
Overview The stationary industry's first ringless sliding notebook that uses metal clips. We developed a unique mechanism (patent pending) that allows for the filing of any paper, even without hole punches. Simply sliding the frame binds the paper.
  • US$15 (A4)
  • US$12 (A5)
  • Patent: Japan (Patents pending), US (Registration Number 11,376,884), EU (Patents pending), China (Patents pending)
  • Design: Japan (Registration Number 1687607,1687609), US (Patents pending) , EU (Registration Number 008485999-0001 - 0003), China (Registration Number 202130199331.3)
  • Trademark: Japan (Registration Number 1687607,1687609), EU (Registration Number 1609778), China (Registration Number 55371855)
Strength A filing function allows you to organize various types of papers and materials, and a notebook function allows it to hold paper for writing. Because loaded paper can be removed by simply sliding the frame, page order can be easily changed, which is useful for organizing information.





Subsidy for Promotion of Productivity Improvement in Manufacturing, Commerce, and Services (2020 The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)

Overseas Sales

Taiwan, Germany, USA, Hong Kong

Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)



  1. Develop relationships with manufacturing sites, distributors, and dealers in the European market.
  2. Provides information on product needs, competitors, and product pricing in the European market.
  3. Provides information on points to keep in mind when expanding overseas.
  4. Provision of information on advertising methods to increase product awareness in the European market.
  5. Provide information on how to develop sales channels in the European market.
  6. Provide information on how to proceed from negotiation to contract with distributors or potential distributors in the European market.

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

The fact that it can be used for filing on non-perforated paper, and can be easily replaced with any paper, eliminates paper waste, and allows reuse of surplus paper, which we believe will lead to the SDGs.

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