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Takashi Kajikawa

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Product / Service Name Electric Muscle Stimulation Devices (G-TES, Pulse care, PULSE Trainer)
Overview We offer the world's first wearable belt-type electrostimulators. "G-TES", "Pulse care" and "PULSE Trainer" are all manufactured in Japan, and provide exercise substitutes such as muscle training and aerobic exercise even for people who have difficulty exercising.

Suggested retail price in Japan

  • G-TES 15,000USD
  • Pulse care 7,500USD
  • PULSE Trainer 1,500USD
  1. Applicable to the whole lower limbs
  2. Less prickling pain from the electrostimulation
  3. Easy to use, enabling every operator to provide the same quality

Our world's leading wearable belt-type electrode can resolve the problems of conventional pad-type electrode devices.



Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center

Overseas Sales

We are currently under application for licensing in China and South Korea

Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

We have taken part in several joint research projects domestically


Aid in creating connections with distributors for medical devices, nursing care, sports and health, hospitals, nursing homes, sports facilities, etc.

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

We propose our modern society means for a prevention of lifestyle disease and a minimization of bedridden elderlies.

  • Product / Service:HOMER ION Laboratory Co.,Ltd.