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Minoru Shichino

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Product / Service Name Nanoindentation Tester "ENT-5" (hardness tester)
Overview The ENT-5 is hardness tester which can measure hardness of every kind of material less than 1 micrometer.
Measurable material: Metal, Coating(such as DLC), Thin film, Ceramic, Electronic components, Synthetic fiber, Micro particle etc. We are the only manufacture of nano indentation hardness testers in Japan, and our domestic market share is about 70-80%.
Price To be discussed
Patent Available for disclosure to potential customers
  • Temperature control mechanism
  • High precision stage control technology
  • Active vibration isolation mechanism
    Those 3 features enable data to be obtained with high reproducibility no matter when the measurement is made and no matter who measures in what environment.
    And Easy maintenance and calibration are available.
  • Unitization of various components makes easier calibration and repair work which makes minimize downtime of the equipment "ENT-5".






Overseas Sales

2 units until the end of 2022

Through collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

Through collaboration with The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), ELIONIX developed ENT series(Nano indentation tester).


Find sales leads in NRW as stated below.

  1. End-users
    • Laboratory of University
    • Contract research organization(Inspection institute)
    • Corporate R&D or Quality assurance department
  2. Distributor has strong connection for above end-users.

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  • Product / Service:ELIONIX INC.
  • Product / Service:ELIONIX INC.