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Nobuo Suzuki

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Product / Service Name Daikuron (hard chromium carbide plating) treatment
Overview Compared to ordinary hard chrome plating, Daikuron has several strengths including very low coefficient of friction, 5-6 times less wear of mating material, very hard and easy to polish surface, and twice as long a service life.
Price To Be Discussed
Patent available for disclosure to potential customers
Strength We are the only manufacturer in Japan able to treat with hard chromium carbide plating


Overseas Sales

China, USA, Thailand, Hungary, etc.

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

More than 70% of sales are stripped of plating. As a result, the mechanical parts are reused.

  • More than 70% of the wastewater is used cation & anion exchange tower. (Water and metal ions are recycled)
  • We are continuously providing support to social welfare workshops operated in our neighborhood.
  • We hire people who are socially and economically vulnerable with priority.
  • Product / Service:Chiyoda Daiichi Kogyo CO., LTD

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