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Product / Service:AI Medical Service Inc.
Tatsunori Yokouchi

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Product / Service Name Endoscopic AI diagnosis system
Overview Currently under the approval process of PMDA (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Agency) to launch world's first endoscopic AI in Japanese market in next spring. Our product is expected to classify the early gastric cancer during endocopic procedure to assist endscopists, trained with more than 150,000 endoscopic videos from approx. 100 medical institutions.
Price TBD
Patent Obtained a patent in Japan for the basic functions of Endoscopy AI with the Cancer Institute Hospital.
Registration Number: JP6657480
  • Japan has the most advanced endoscopy in the world and have accumulated high-quality AI data
  • We have dominated endoscopy data in Japan through joint researches with over 100 medical institutions
  • High quality data sets with accurate lesion annotation, provided by top endoscopists
  • Low cost structure by specializing in software



  • Technology Pioneers 2021 by World Economic Forum
  • J-Startup


NEDO / Innovation Tokyo

Collaboration Experiences (domestic and international)

Partnership with Siemens Healthcare


  1. Support in developing a strategy to enter the European market
  2. Aid in creating connections with a candidate site to enter the European market
  3. Support in researching market demand for Endoscopic AI

Contribution to achieving the SDGs

We contribute to "Good Health and Well-Being" through our business

  • Product / Service:AI Medical Service Inc.