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Kaori Shimazaki

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Product / Service Name Japanese Junmai Sparkling Sake/ ICHIDO
Overview We conducted tasting tests with over 500 international tasters, and invented a secret recipe for a new sake that will make everyone around the world smile! Over the course of three years, we have communicated with customers locally and internationally to develop a clear tasting sake that pairs easily with dishes around the world.
Price US$16 - 25
Patent Trademark Registration
Strength ICHIDO Japanese sparkling sake is made for celebration with secondary fermentation method sueprvised by Champagne Professionals. A beautiful blend of traditional craftmanship and modern creativity, this premium sparkling ICHIDO invites those who thirst for self-expression to raise a glass to something truly special – themselves.



  1. Concours Mondial des Vins FEMINALISE (GOLD, SILVER)
  2. "Kuramaster" Sake Contest (GOLD)
  3. Omotenashi Selection/Domestic (GOLD)

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Contribution to achieving the SDGs

  • paperless packaging to decrease household waste
  • minibottle to decrease surplus waste
  • reusable ice cubes
  • Product / Service:SAKE Generation Inc,.
  • Product / Service:SAKE Generation Inc,.